Tuesday, 21 April 2015

More happy

How an individual get happier out of your day to day life? Here I am posting small tips on this subject. Try to spend more time with those who makes you happy, it may be anyone your girl friend, your wife, your friends or your parents. That people must understand your feelings and problems. And you could accept their feelings as they do. We think it is a great idea to spend time with people who makes you happy, or those who make you feel good about yourself. Some peoples preferred to spend their time with Bangalore escorts to enjoy pure sex and other adult entertainment activities.

In order to be able to love and respect yourself, it is important that you are able to accept any mistakes that you may have committed in the past, no matter how deplorable. You need to realest that what is done is done and you cannot undo it. Allowing yourself to constantly think of why you behaved in such a manner would only make you feel guilty and unworthy. Yourself worth should not depend on your past mistakes. Rather, try and learn from your past mistakes. Following these simple steps cab surely help you to make happier.

Friday, 25 July 2014


What is a kiss? Asks Casanova, the famous lover. It is not fervent attempt to absorb, to breathe in, a portion of being whom we love?’  The famous sexologists advise that the kisses be ‘moist’ so that they may be drunk’ and not merely sipped? In these kissing acts, there should be a definite action of ‘suction’. Your moisture, perspiration, saliva and even the sense of smell and the personal odors as well the personal aura, all come into it.  The girlfriend and the boyfriend literally ‘taste’ each other.

But all these acts should be performed without a squeamishness or reservation entertained by the two partners when embarking upon the “French’ kiss regarding the admixture of their saliva’s or the exploration by their mutual tongues of their partner’s mouth.  The conjugal act of sex should be performed with the total abandon.  ‘Let the prohibitions go to dogs’ should be the mutual feeling, the woman must shun her all taboos and enjoy in this uniting act of love.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

External plays

Hi everyone welcome to another blog post. As the leading Bangalore escort service providers in the Middle East we are suggesting some small tips to make your sex sessions. You have to be careful from the beginning onwards because each and every movements and touches must feel on her. Having talked and known each other make physical advances subtly. Say, if you like your girlfriend’s eyes, express your admiration by mildly kissing her eyes.  Women in general are introvert and open up very gradually.  This is natural more because they have been advised by the senior or experienced ladies of their household.

A bold’ girlfriend is believed to be a woman of easy virtue.
  This belief is so deeply ingrained in the girl’s psyche that at times her boyfriend might take her to be cold or frigid. Though with the growing ‘emancipation’ of women there has come already a marked improvement in understanding and in attitude in regard to sex-matters, the medieval conception of sexual activity as an exclusively masculine function, in the exercise of which the woman’s part remains passive one, does not easily give way. So give her time to adjust and open out.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Enjoyable Postures

As the most leading Escorts in Bangalore I'm posting some usable information about sex. Vatsyayana has given many interesting coital postures in his Kamasutra, an almost canonical work on eroticism. Most of the erotic sculptures and Mithunas on the walls of many famous Indian temples are after these sexual postures.

The wide open position: Laying down on her back, when she lower down her upper half of the body, and raises back and hips it is called open posture for in it entrance of the vagina is stretched wide. A pillow should be placed under her back in this posture. In uniting in this posture, both the man and woman should recede a little after every thrust.

The Yawning position: When a woman raises her thighs, keeps them wide apart and unites this posture called the yawning position results.

Indrani posture: This posture was first introduced and popularised by Indrani, the consort of Indra, therefore, it is called so. In this posture the women keeps bent legs and thigh together and keeping them well apart unites. This position requires some practices. Indrani posture can also be adopted to the great satisfaction by deer type woman and bull type man, uniting in higher congress. In actual union, when the legs of both the man and woman are stretched straight, it is called Clasping posture.